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What You Need To Know: Yala National Park offers 4 accommodation options at 4 different locations inside the park. You are allowed to book 3 days consecutively. The lodges provide accommodation for groups of 10 or more depending on the situation.

Jeep + Trekker

Pre-book your Jeep and Trekker. This can save you whole lot of time and trouble. The payments can be made through bank transfers only. For National Identity Card holders contact us for rupee rates. Cost is shown on the tour rates box below. Your Trekker will assist you in purchasing your ticket at the entrance.

Tour Rates

Half Day - U$D 40
Full Day - U$D 75
Galge Half Day - U$D 50
Galge Full Day - U$D 85
The above rates are for 1 jeep, your group can include up to 6 people for this cost.

Ticket Rate

Foreign Adult – LKR 3688.00
Foreign Child – LKR 1037.52
Pre-Booking the ticket facility will be available to visitors who book a safari through us.

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