This is leopard country, and they are the Lords of the Jungle! With a leopard density that's higher than anywhere else on this planet, these menacing predators prowl majestically in Yala, while elephants roam in their numbers with cautious deer scampering by their side.

You can now advance book your safari to Yala including reserving your Ticket and Safari Jeep.
Park closure extended
It was inevitable even though wildlife officials waited as long as they could, hoping for rains. But as we mentioned last week, it's now official. Yala National Park will remain closed till October 15, pending rain. Big apology to all the wildlife fans and especially those of you who may have planned a safari during this time. Please bear with with us; the situation is not good at all and we are doing our best to care for the animals.
First ever comprehensive visitor map
On the home page you'll find the first-ever comprehensive tourist map of the Yala National Park. team has been working on it for months and we hope to further enhance it through future explorations.
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KumbukRiver Eco-Lodge
If Sri Lanka is one of the world's most beautiful islands, this is one of its most enchanting hideouts. Welcome to KumbukRiver Eco-Extraordinaire.
First comprehensive tourist map
Area 378 sq miles
Location 260km South East of Colombo
Entry points Gate1: Katagamuwa
Gate 2: Palatupana
Aver.Temp 26.4 °C (79.5 °F)
Climate Dry most of the year
Nearest city Kataragama
Distance to nearest city 30km - 40 minutes drive
Best time to visit June to September
Open hours 6am to 6pm
Coordinates 6°22'22N 81°31'01E
Made a Park in 1st March 1938
Distance from Kataragama to: Katagamuwa Entrance: 14Km
Palatupana Entrance: 41Km
Galge Entrance: 30Km
Nearest Hospital: Debarawewa Government Hospital
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As the number of visitors to this world-famous park increases, so does its impact on nature. While the incredible world of wildlife must be experienced, you must take it to your heart that you cannot even leave your foot print behind. So let’s take a moment to understand what wildlife is all about and how you can confidently proclaim that you are a true lover of nature.
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